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$2,500 ID Theft Insurance
Financial Services Membership Agreement

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Membership Agreement

By submitting below, you:

  • Are enrolling yourself and any others holding the account identified above as members of Financial Services Association (FSA), an independent association of which Compass Bank is a sponsor member;
  • Acknowledge receiving the Identity Theft Benefit Summary describing the coverage provided to you as an FSA member under AIG Master Policy Number 196226 issued to FSA ("Master Policy") and agree to the terms of the insurance coverage as described in the Certificate.
  • Acknowledge that your coverage becomes effective as soon as this submitted Agreement is received by Compass Bank. Your coverage will terminate upon the earlier date the Master Policy is terminated, the date Compass Bank terminates its membership in FSA with respect to this program, the date the consumer checking account is closed for any reason, or the first day of the month following Compass Bank's failure to pay any required charge.
  • Acknowledge that the insurance premium for your coverage under the Master Policy will be paid for you by Compass Bank until your coverage is terminated as described above and in the Certificate.

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